Tag: grief

I Need a New Space

This is going to sound silly but a silicone waffle mold caused a bit of a breakdown today. I was looking for a clean dish towel to dry my dishes with when I spied the waffle mold and all of a sudden a flood of memories came at me all at once. Djamila and I…

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I Need Less Light

My house is slowly reverting back to the cave it was before Djamila came into my life. When she was here, the curtains were always opened to allow the sun and the natural light to permeate the rooms. Even in the brutal heat of the south Texas summers, the windows were open a crack to…

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I Need a Fucking Towel

It just comes in waves, my friend. Wave after wave after wave after wave. Sometimes, the waves only hit me chest high and I remain standing when they hit, bruised and aching, but otherwise okay. Sometimes, the waves lap deliciously at my feet. It feels safe but if I pay close attention, I can see…

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