Tag: depression

I Need Inner Peace

Sometimes, I very selfishly think to myself, “you could have fought harder”. It’s a shit-ass thing to think because I know that Djamila was in a lot of pain before she died. The pain consumed her and in the midst of it all, there was really nothing I could do to help. I did my…

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I Need More Adventure

I was talking to a friend this morning…well, more writing to a friend than talking, I suppose. She read my last couple of posts and suggested I find something to do that required concentration and focus. Something, I suppose, that would distract me from my memories of what happened last year around this time. Her…

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I Need to Find Myself

I want to know when I’ll stop thinking in “this is what I was doing last year” increments of time? It doesn’t help a damned thing when I think that way but I just can’t seem to stop myself. This time last year, it was our last Easter together. This time last year, I rented…

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