About the Writer

My name is Monica Gonzalez and I have been working in the field of Intellectual Disabilities since 1982. I’ve dabbled in many things over the years. I played guitar and sang in a band for over 15 years. I was a Private Investigator for about 7 years. I worked lots of different side jobs and learned about things not necessarily in my prescribed field. I enjoy reading, writing, traveling, and gaming.

I’ve had some blogs in the past but this is the first one about nothing in particular. Let’s just call it my “vanity” blog since I’ll probably be writing about me and my opinion more often than not.

Just for the record, everything I’m writing about is true but I write about it as I experience it. Yes, my mom and my aunt have dementia. No, I would never purposely let them do anything that would put them in any danger. Yes, sometimes I find my interactions with them humorous because…well…they are. If you find anything offensive or off-putting about my posts, feel free to leave and don’t let the door hit you where the good Lord split you.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my posts.

P.S. Want to know more about why I named the blog, “My Needy Life”? Check out my very first post for an explanation.

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