I Need to Drink More Tea

Today, I went to a nearby mall to pick up a few things I needed.

I hate malls. If I have to go to a mall, I much prefer the newer version that is basically a park and walk kind of mall. Many different stores in one convenient location, but with the ability to walk into just one store, get what you want, and get the hell out. That was not the kind of mall I went to today.

But, while I was there, I walked by the Teavana store. In case you’re not familiar, Teavana is owned by the same company that owns Starbucks, except that they are all things tea.

DJ loved drinking tea. One of the things we bought right after she moved in was a water boiling thingamajig (DJ called it a “hotpot”). They’re not that popular here in the U.S. but there was one in every hotel, B&B, and apartment I stayed in while I was in Europe. DJ used it all the time and because of the hard water in our part of the world (and despite a good cleaning with vinegar now and then), they didn’t last long before calcification killed them. Consequently, we bought hotpots almost every year.

Christmas before last, I saw a commercial for a very, cool tea-maker. It was by Breville and it had a basket for loose tea. You programmed the type of tea you were putting in the basket, it lowered itself automatically into the water and boiled the tea at the proper temperature for the proper amount of time, then lifted the basket out of the water so the tea wouldn’t over-steep. I decided to buy this, and some fairly pricey loose tea, for DJ for Christmas.

She loved the tea and liked the Breville. However, she came to love the Breville after the hotpot died. Last year, we ran out of loose tea and I told her we should go to Teavana to get some more loose tea, so we went.

We had so much fun…sniffing tea, tasting tea, finding pretty canisters to keep the tea, it was truly “teavana”. Then, when it came time to ring out purchases up (and I am giggling through my tears as I write this), our total came up to well over $300!! I’m pretty sure the sales clerk knew where all this was going and never said a word. I happened to have received some Starbucks gift cards just prior to this and was able to use some of that money to knock the total down a bit but we still paid a chunk of change for the tea.

When we walked away with all our bags of beautiful tea, I told DJ, “this is enough to last us for at least a damned year so you have a lot of tea to drink, missy.”

If you’re up for a tea party sometime in the near future (I’m not guaranteeing any finger sandwiches or anything frou-frou like that), let me know. I have a lot of tea I need to drink.

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