I Need to Cry Now

This is set to publish at the same time DJ’s memorial service is taking place.


DJ loved her adjectives.

Self-assured. Jubilant. Luscious. Stunning. Delectable. Succulent. Fragrant. Joyous. Beautiful. Vibrant. Passionate. Euphoric. Optimistic. Colorful. Remarkable. Sizzling. Vivacious.

Djamila, or DJ, as she was known to most of us, was a wonderful mix of the most beautiful adjectives in the world. Every time she sat down to write, whether it was something for work, or a personal card or note to someone, or even just a comment on someone’s Facebook post, she thought long and hard about what she was going to write. She wanted what she wrote to lift the person who was reading it. She wanted what she wrote to inform and educate the person who was reading it.

When she spoke to you directly, she wanted you to feel her enthusiasm for life. She wanted you to know that she thought you could do anything you wanted to do in this world and you could do it with joy, with beauty, with grace, and with passion.

This is how DJ lived her life. Through the words that she loved so much. The words that described her, probably better than she ever knew or gave herself credit for.

Djamila Avery was the color in my life. She was the bright spot in my darkness. She was far better at appreciating the small things that life has to offer and lifting them up to smell, taste, see, and feel. I will miss her with all my heart and soul for as long as I live.

A poem by Sascha:

As long as I can,
I will look at this world for both of us.
As long as I can,
I will laugh with the birds,
I will sing with the flowers,
I will pray to the stars for both of us.

As long as I can,
I will remember how many things
On this earth were your joy.
And I will live as well
As you would want me to live,
As long as I can.

I Need Life Sucks Love

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I enjoy reading and have blogged in the past about travel and books. My latest blog is a vanity blog. I write about whatever comes to mind, specifically, things I think I need in life. Hope you enjoy!

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