I Need Two New Roofs

Last week was crazy. Texas was hit by some bad storms, some of which are still ongoing. Houston is basically underwater and Dallas and San Antonio were hit hard by hail storms.

San Antonio’s hail storm came through last Tuesday evening. We get hail storms occasionally but they are fairly few and far between. Last Tuesday’s hail storm started slowly and built into a crescendo of what sounded like cannon balls slamming into the ground. Some of them hit so hard, our front porch overhang shook. When it was over, we were left with a cracked living room window and many dents on both of our vehicles.

I called my mom to warn her that a storm was headed her way but by the time I called, when she answered I could already hear the barrage of hail hitting her house. She told me the hail had crashed through her kitchen skylight and that it was raining in her kitchen. By the time the evening was over, my mom’s home was left with 4 broken skylights and a giant, watery mess.

I drove over to mom’s to take her out of the house at least for the evening. I called my brother to ask him to come down and help because I was going to be tied up the rest of the week with work and having my HVAC system replaced and to his credit, he basically stopped what he was doing and flew down the next day.

Despite all the calamity, I can’t even begin to tell you how much of a difference it made knowing he was available to help mom with all her daily stuff. For the 3 days he was here, I slept better than I had in a long while.

It’s all still very overwhelming. There was so much hail damage in S.A., and so many insurance claims, they are flying insurance adjustors in from all over the U.S. to help out. While I was reading about all the damage, I decided to get my roof checked and I have hail damage on my roof as well. So, this week will be spent with insurance adjustors and claims estimators. Adjustors will be checking mom’s roof, my roof, my car, and my partner’s car.

The worst of it is I had been saving for the last couple of years to replace my HVAC. My heating furnace was from 1976 and the outside unit was replaced when I bought the house in 1999. I had no insulation and my ductwork had been chewed through by raccoons (they used to party in my attic space). I finally saved up enough to replace the HVAC and scheduled the replacement. Of course, once I did that, the storm hit and now I’m looking at approximately $3000.00 in insurance deductibles. Amazingly enough, this is the exact amount I had saved up to go towards the HVAC. To make matters worse, my mom’s roof is so old, the insurance companies may opt not to cover any of it. If that’s the case, then we’re going to have to pay out of pocket to fix her roof.

Suffice to say, I’ll have to tap into my “Italian Home” savings to get some of this done and I don’t want to do it. Having said that, I see no way around it unless I want to sit around and watch my mom’s roof collapse.

Does anyone have a spare roof, or two, I could use?

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