I Need to Get Back to Work

I was on the phone with work non-stop from eight o’clock in the morning until shortly before noon. So, I thought it might be nice to take a break and take my mom and aunt out to enjoy the day. I decided to take them both to lunch for Mexican food. I don’t know why I thought this would be a good break for me but consider it a lesson learned.

There’s a good Mexican food restaurant around the corner from my house. The food is good. It’s not great, but it’s definitely good and I like it because it’s close by and reasonably priced.

My mom drove to my house and from there, we drove over to pick up my aunt.

We found a booth right away. By the way, booth or table? We always choose a booth. Do you have a preference? Our family is a booth family until the end. I don’t care if I have to squeeze my fat ass in and the table forces my gut up to my chin, I’m sitting at a booth, damn it. I’m not kidding. But, I digress.

We found a booth and perused the menu. I ordered the fideo loco. My mom followed suit and my aunt ordered shrimp enchiladas. For those of you who aren’t familiar with fideo loco, it’s a big bowl of fideo, picadillo con papas, and frijoles baludos. For those of you who don’t partake of Mexican food, it’s a big bowl of Mexican spaghetti, seasoned ground beef with potatoes, and pinto beans. I love a smorgasbord of food thrown together in a big bowl, don’t you?

After dropping another 1.6 pounds this week (thank you Weight Watchers!), my body has been screaming for carbs and I felt it necessary to oblige even though I did order corn tortillas instead of flour tortillas <pats self on the back>.

The food arrived and I thought it looked pretty damned good. My mom even thought it looked good! My mom is, and always has been, a picky eater. Her favorite food is fried chicken and usually, it’s what my mom orders no matter where we go to eat. We’ve discussed fried chicken before, you and I. Remember? Anyway, I thought it was unusual that she was ordering something non-chicken but I didn’t say anything.

She and my aunt oohed and aahed over the flour tortillas, so nicely browned. My aunt took a spoonful of my mom’s fideo and they talked about how good it tasted. My mom encouraged my aunt to take a spoonful of the picadillo and they both remarked how tasty it was. All was right with the world.

That warm, fuzzy feeling lasted all of 2 minutes.

As my aunt started eating her enchiladas, she picked something out of the enchilada and said, “I’m trying to figure out what this is,” as she ate another forkful.

I said, “Tia, that’s shrimp. You ordered shrimp enchiladas.”

“I did?” she said.

“Yep,” I said, between mouthfuls of fideo loco.

In the meantime, my mother is eyeing her bowl of fideo loco suspiciously. As though she’d never seen it before. So I asked her, “what’s wrong, mom?”

“Couldn’t they bring a bigger bowl?” she said. This is sarcasm at its finest because this is a damned big bowl of fideo.

So I told her, “they serve it like that so they have room to mix everything together, mom.”

Her reply? “Hmph.”

In the meantime, my aunt is still picking at her enchiladas, trying to figure out why she ordered shrimp enchiladas. (Honestly, I don’t know why she did, either. It’s not something she normally orders when we go to this particular restaurant.)

All of a sudden, my mom says, “You just can’t find good Mexican food anymore.”

My aunt agrees, “If you want to get good Mexican food, you have to go to the West side.”

My mom says, “I hate it when Mexican restaurants cook their food the lazy way.”

My aunt begins to pick through her spanish rice. “There’s no seasoning in this,” she says.

My mom says, “Remember that little Mexican restaurant we used to go to?”

I’m just trying to enjoy my fideo loco.

My aunt says, “Which one?”

Mom says, “You know, the one where this street goes like this and the other street went like this, and the restaurant sat right here,” and she demonstrates with her arms and hands and points to where the restaurant sits.

I say, “Chile, Tomaté, y Cebolla?” (Don’t ask me how I know, I just do. And I only ate there once.)

“YES!” they both say at the same time.

I ask my mom if she needs a take-home bowl and she looks at me as though I’m crazy.

“No,” she says as she gives me the stink eye.

“Why not?” I ask.

“Because it has no flavor,” she says.

My aunt agrees, “If you want to get good Mexican food, you have to go to the West side.”

I said, “Everything was delicious a few minutes ago, what happened?”

“Nobody makes spanish rice like our mother used to make,” says my aunt.

“I did,” my mom says, “when I used to cook.”

I really need to get back to work.



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