I Need a Drink

I really don’t drink much anymore. A glass of wine here and there. I never acquired a taste for beer or straight liquor. After dinner liqueurs are okay but I never made a habit of consuming them, either. All told, I think I drank enough mixed drinks in my college years, and the few years following them, that my liver will probably benefit from drinking plain water for the rest of my life.

However, the other day, I was checking in on my friend’s FB page and she mentioned that she was trying her hand at making one of my favorite alcoholic beverages, limoncello.

The first time I tried limoncello was in 2004 in Sorrento, Italy. Another good friend and I traveled to Italy for a long saved-for vacation and while in Sorrento, noticed that there were lemon trees everywhere. Seriously, there were lemon groves in the center of town, in people’s yards, behind restaurants, everywhere! While we were eating at a restaurant, we kept hearing giant thumps on the roof and finally realized the sound came from the giant lemons as they fell from the trees and onto the roof of the restaurant. We learned that because the lemons were so abundant in that area, that they were used in just about every way they could be used and trust me when I tell you that limoncello is a fantastic way to use up extra lemons!

Photo from Sorrento Info website (sorrentoinfo.com)

After I read my friend’s post, I felt inclined to pull out the bottle of limoncello I keep in the freezer and have a shot. I brought the bottle back with me from my last visit to Italy in 2012 and had only cracked it open once since then. It was as good as I remembered.

I fear that my aunt is going to drive me to drink so I’m glad I have imbibed from that bottle of limoncello slowly because I have a feeling I’m going to need the rest of that bottle. I am also weighing the options to determine whether or not a shot here and there is worth giving up WW points. Normally, I am inclined to eat my points rather than drink them but if my aunt continues her shenanigans, I may have to reconsider that stance.

On Friday, I went by her house to let her know her phone was shut off. I was assuming the cell phone bill hadn’t been paid and luckily, my niece was staying with her during her spring break, so I knew she would be able to drive her to the AT&T store to take care of it. On the off-chance she might need some extra cash, I checked my aunt’s checking account only to find out, two weeks into the month, that my aunt’s account balance was at ZERO. That’s right, zero, zilch, nothing, nada. There was nothing left in her account. A quick perusal of the account showed me there had been numerous cash withdrawals resulting in over half of her monthly retirement check missing. I’m sure the cash is there in the house somewhere but my aunt just moved into that home and there is shit EVERYWHERE. I kid you not. My chances of finding that money right now are practically nil. If this continues to happen, I may have to consider cutting my aunt off from her own account and I don’t want to do that but I also need to make sure her bills are getting paid.

In addition to this good news, my niece texted me late last night to tell me that my aunt had gone without her medications for the last week. In October of last year, my aunt was hospitalized for about a week due to extra high blood sugar and extra high blood pressure. This was when I found out how poorly my aunt was handling small activities of daily living (like taking her medications) and how I came up with the idea for a medication alarm/dispenser. So after she was discharged from the hospital, I found one I liked on Amazon and ordered it.

Every two weeks, I’ve been going to my aunt’s house to fill the medication dispenser which works sort of like a rotating wheel with an opening. An alarm sounds at the appropriate time(s) and distributes the medications in the process. The alarm stays on for 30 minutes and a little red light blinks as the alarm goes off and won’t stop until the dispenser is turned upside-down, signifying the person who is supposed to take the medication has the medication in their hot, little hand.

I suppose that last Saturday, after I changed out the medication tray, my aunt opened the battery cover and removed one of the batteries. This kept the machine from rotating. This means it never sounded an alarm, and did not dispense meds. If my niece hadn’t caught it while she was there, I wouldn’t have found it for another week. When I ask my aunt why she hadn’t taken her meds she told me that she had been taking them. Honestly, I’m not sure if she believed what she was telling me or if she was just lying to try to get me off her back. Either way, my cousin (who moved in with my aunt to help me out) will now have to verbally prompt my aunt to take her medications at the prescribed times until we can figure out another system.

In light of this little anti-medication demonstration, I will have to make an appointment for her to see her doctor so we can discuss options. With my cousin in the home with her, I feel better to the extent that there is another pair of eyeballs available to keep an eye on things but I need to find a way to figure out if my aunt is just trying her best to tell us she doesn’t want to take her meds anymore and what I’m going to do about it if that is the case.

So, my conundrum is this; if a person doesn’t want to take their medications and has enough wherewithal to express that, even if they don’t say it out loud, do you force that person to take their medications to keep them “healthy” or do you just follow their wishes and let whatever happens, happen? Anybody? Anybody?

Now…what did I do with that shotglass?

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  1. Having the odd drink is good for your stress factor, it truly is so don’t worry about that. I think that your aunt needs two bank accounts one that has her pension paid in and her bills taken out and then one that she can use for herself that has a sort of spends in it. I know that sounds like it is treating her like a kid but at least it will keep the finances organised. As the the tablets, I don’t know, it’s a difficult one but I’m sure that someone out there has got some good advice. Thinking of you,

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