I NEED To Take a Hike

No. Seriously. I really do need to take a hike.

Just when I’ve lost enough weight to feel comfortable hiking again (1.8 pounds lost this week), life has conspired to keep my hiking boots firmly planted on paved walking trails and even that has not happened over the last week or so.

I’ve been so busy with family obligations over the last couple of weeks (and, unfortunately, this upcoming weekend as well) that I haven’t had the opportunity to drive out of the city and get my trail groove on.

Let me share my day with you. I will say this was not a normal day, but added onto the stress of the entire week, it was quite an experience.

First thing this morning, I neglected to check my calendar and forgot a breakfast date with some friends. Anyone who knows me knows that I am meticulous regarding my schedule and this breakfast just slid right out of my head like water off a duck’s back. I didn’t even remember it until my phone rang and even then, it took a minute to realize why this particular friend was calling me this early in the morning on a work day.

It was just a rotten start to the day. You know that feeling? You’ve already missed something and it lends an air of disorientation to everything you do. I settled down to work. I read and returned emails, took calls, answered questions. The mobile groomer came by to groom my dogs. On a side note, my dogs, Cornelius and Samantha, don’t like to be groomed. They like the groomer but hate the groom. So, I’m running around chasing the dogs when my phone rings. It’s my 85 year old aunt asking me if I know where my mom is because they were supposed to meet for lunch. My aunt said she’d been waiting for 30 minutes and my mom still hadn’t shown up. I had not spoken with my mom so in between running around chasing the dogs (I finally caught Samantha and handed her over to the groomer), I called my brother. Yes, he spoke with mom earlier and she mentioned she was meeting up with my aunt for lunch. I call her cell and of course, it’s not on. By the way, this is the cell phone my mother begged for, which I bought her, which she never uses. You know…THAT phone.

My aunt calls back, says she’s waiting for 10 more minutes, then she’s leaving. The groomer’s done with Samantha and Cornelius is now hiding behind the futon that weighs too much for me to pull out. The groomer goes to wait in her van. I trick Cornelius into coming out (I know, I know…but he really needed his nails trimmed and even more than that, he needed to have those anal glands expressed…TMI? Sorry.), pick him up, walk him out to the mobile grooming van, run back inside and try my aunt again. She still has not heard from my mom. I call my mom’s home phone to leave a message for her to call me but the machine is full of messages, probably from my aunt and brother.

Now, I am starting to panic a little because an hour and a half has passed (I know, it’s not a lot of time but when my mom ventures out, she follows a fairly predictable routine so I tend to worry when it is out of the ordinary) and still no word. The groomer finishes up with Cornelius. I pay her and haul ass out the door. I decide my best move would be to go to mom’s house first and if she’s not there, follow the route she would have taken to get to the restaurant. As I pull into my mom’s driveway 10 minutes later, my brother phones me crying. (He’s always been a bit more “emotional” about things and tends to panic much more quickly than I do. I also think it has something to do with the guilt trip I laid on him last month. If I’m honest with myself, part of me hates to see him get so verklempt about stuff but there’s another part of me that kind of likes to see him suffer since he doesn’t have to deal with this kind of shit on a day to day basis. I know, I’m a bitch, but sometimes, I can’t help it.) Anyway, my brother wanted to let me know that he finally got hold of mom and she’s home. By this time, I see the car in the garage and breathe a sigh of relief. She opens up the garage door and I can hear her talking to my aunt and they are talking about where they were supposed to meet.

My mother insists my aunt said she wanted to meet at one restaurant but my aunt was insistent that she was referring to a different one. They laugh it off and hang up. I ask my mom what restaurant she was waiting at and she said, “you know, the one on Nacogdoches, by the IHOP.” And, now I know what happened. Lately, when we talk about restaurants and going out to eat, the conversations go like this, “you know, that restaurant on _____ street by _____ . It’s a Mexican/Chinese/American restaurant., you know…”. And, oddly enough, I always do know. This time they picked a street that had two restaurants they tend to frequent so their conversation probably went something like this:

My aunt Cal: “I’m hungry. Let’s go get something to eat.”

Mom: “Where do you want to go?”

My aunt Cal: “I don’t care. Where do you want to go.”

Mom: “Well, I don’t care. Just name a place.”

My aunt Cal: “How about that place on Nacogdoches?”

Mom: “The one by the highway?”

My aunt Cal: “Yes! That one!”

Mom: “Okay, what time?”

And they decided on a time and forgot that there are two restaurants on Nacogdoches they like to go to and they are both by a highway. After waiting about an hour, each of them went to a drive-through, picked up some lunch and drove home. (I told you fast food was in our blood.)

When I asked my mom why she had turned off her cell phone, she said, “I don’t call anyone.” <sigh>

It’s an argument I’m not going to win but I try anyway. I say, “if you had had the cell phone turned on, you would have heard tia (“tia” is the Spanish word for aunt) trying to call you to find out why you weren’t there.”

“Well,” mom says, “it’s her fault anyway. I don’t need her calling me and telling me anything when she the one who forgot where we were going.” Further discussion would have proven fruitless.

Seriously, though, despite the fact that I haven’t had a chance to get any hiking in this week, I’m pretty sure I’ve been giving the old ticker lots of opportunities for getting the heart rate up. I just wish there was less chatter and more pretty scenery to go along with it.


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